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The SmartBroker Plugin for WordPress

Not using WordPress? – find out about custom integration.

The SmartBroker plugin is the primary method for getting SmartBroker data into your website. No iframes, no ugly boxes or icons – your listings appear on your site seamlessly.

Why use WordPress at all?

A good question. Over the years, we’ve built sites using all sorts of technology – from hand-coded HTML in the ’90s to the latest content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. Of all the solutions currently available, WordPress stands out as the easiest to setup and maintain. In particular, it’s very good at uploading and resizing images and videos to suit your site.

Any brokerage site consists of two parts – the boat listings themselves, and then all the supporting pages. All this content then needs to be wrapped in a theme which sets the look and feel of your site. It’s important that you can set the site up exactly how you want to, and then you need to be able to edit, add or delete pages as and when your business needs it – and WordPress makes this easy.

WordPress also has a large ecosystem of support and development. There’s loads of templates available, as well as additional plugins for performing tasks not included in the core system – in fact it’s this plugin system that SmartBroker uses to embed listings in your site. If there’s a particular feature you’d like on your site, there’s a good chance someone has already written some code to help you out.

All this power and control is something we couldn’t possibly replicate ourselves – so why not work with these tools, rather than re-inventing the wheel? In fact, even this very site you’re reading now runs WordPress behind the scenes.

WordPress is free to download and install on your server – visit wordpress.org for more information. Alternatively, many ISPs provide packages with WordPress ready installed, or we can set up a WordPress server for you, from only £9/month*.

Tell me more…

OK, here’s the technical details of the plugin.


Download the SmartBroker plugin here