Web based software
Get your listings working for you

  • Use the power of WordPress to create your brokerage site
  • Insert your listings using the SmartBroker plugin
  • Simple yet powerful administration area for adding and maintaining listings
  • No minimum term or hidden costs
  • No lock-in – export your data at any time

The Complete SmartBroker System

The SmartBroker system consists of two parts:

  1. The front-end:
    This is the part your visitors see. This is built using WordPress, a popular (and free) content-management system. Any static pages (e.g. buying advice), blogs or newsfeeds are handled by WordPress, and can be updated without any technical knowledge – no more waiting for the web guy to get round to your request!
    SmartBroker listings are then inserted into your WordPress site using the SmartBroker plugin.

  2. SmartBroker Server:
    This is where you log in to add, maintain and remove your listings. Powerful tools help with creating listings, uploading photos and videos and handling enquiries.

Find out more about WordPress at

Why use WordPress at all?

Good question – and the answer’s mainly about not re-inventing the wheel and utilising the powerful, free tools available online. There’s a more complete answer here.

Web based software
Create a buyer-friendly website

  • Use the power of WordPress to create your brokerage site
  • Insert your listing using the SmartBroker plugin
  • Responsive pages that work on desktops, tablets and phones
  • Featured boats widgets and small search boxes to place into your site design
  • No re-inventing the wheel, no obscure systems to learn

Create your site using WordPress, then embed SmartBroker

WordPress allows you to create a website to suit your business, and then the SmartBroker plugin will embed your listings.

The plugin automatically creates a search page. It also includes widgets and shortcodes to insert featured boats widgets and small search boxes into your site – maybe you’d like a search box at the top of every page?

The SmartBroker plugin is available for free at, and there’s a demo server the plugin can use to show dummy boat listings. With these resources, it’s possible to develop your brokerage site without any costs or time constraints; you can then buy your SmartBroker subscription once you’re ready to go live.

For information about building a site with WordPress, go to

Get your boats online, fast!

  • Standard listing specifications ready-to-go in one click
  • Flexibility to add custom specifications
  • Seamless photo & video formatting and resizing
  • Prices in any currency you fancy
  • Automatic conversions for lengths, weights and capacities

Find out how to create a new listing


The power of SmartBroker is in SmartBroker server v6

Once you’ve got your WordPress site up and running, it’s time to get your boat listings online.

SmartBroker server v6 is the password-protected site where you can create boats, maintain your listings and perform a variety of advanced actions.

Creating a new boat listing is simple, as the software guide you through with pre-populated specification forms and broker’s notes fields. You can upload as many photos as you like, and embed YouTube videos directly into your listings.

Web based software

Maximise your visibility by sharing data

  • Share listing data with popular listing sites
  • No more re-entering boat data into multiple sites
  • Uses the popular OpenMarine standard for data interchange
  • Compatible with, RightBoat and

Listing sites may charge a fee to advertise your boats on their site.

Current compatibility list

Advanced features to help you work smarter

SmartBroker has a range of features for the power user including adding private notes and customisable contract templates.

Add notes to boats

Keep track of any phone enquiries or boat viewings by adding notes to the system – then all of your team will be up-to-date with recent events. No more lost paperwork or embarrassing blunders – all the information you need is available anywhere.

  • Add notes to record events or conversations
  • Link events with the relevant listings
  • Time and author information added automatically, so you know where to direct any queries
  • All your team are up-to-date, all the time
  • No more lost paperwork or embarrassing slips

Sample contract templates

SmartBroker includes sample Sale & Purchase agreements, Listing agreements and supporting documents. These can be edited and styled to suit your business – never be without a listing agreement again!

Includes a custom data-collection form to help during yacht visits – make sure you collect all the details required for a great listing.

  • Comes with sample agreements for you to edit to suit your business
  • Contracts based on industry guidelines
  • Make sure your whole office is using the same paperwork
Web based software
Access your listings anytime and anywhere

  • PC and Mac friendly – just access with your usual browser
  • Allow your staff to administer the system for you
  • Add unlimited administrators at no extra cost
  • Download and backup your data whenever you want
  • Can be integrated into your existing site
  • Nothing to download or install

Online, safe and secure

SmartBroker is a complete cloud solution for your boat listings. All your data is available 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection.

SmartBroker data is held in secure, industry-standard data centres based in Reading, UK and backups are performed to off-site storage regularly.

The data you put onto your SmartBroker system belongs to you, not us, and you can download a complete copy of this information (including photos) at any time.

The SmartBroker contract is a month-by-month contract with no minimum term, so you’re not tied to one system for ever.